Sheaffa Delince

After transitioning from the world of architecture to fashion design, Sheaffa Delince infused a refreshing creative genius with garments that are gracefully refined. “Architecture is the art of living, clothing helps fashion who you are” is her invigorative perspective that shapes her creativity and unique sense of style. Sheaffa is not one to be encapsulated in a fashion trend or her work to be marketed to a particular genre. Her free spiritedness is governed by her mood and inspiration which allows her to explore design in “anything and everything.”

After completing her second degree in fashion design at the Art Institute of Miami, Sheaffa impacted the fashion industry instantly as she was featured in the New Times Broward Palm Beach Newspaper for creating an immense Spring Collection. She has also created a showcase of garments for the Minerra Films Fashion Fundraiser in collaboration with the make-a-wish foundation.

Established in 1998 in the New York’s fashion district, she has been primarily a custom design house working with major fashion stylists and celebrities to design and make one-of-a-kind garments for entertainment and sporting productions. This experience of custom design has enveloped and shaped her sense of creativity and uniqueness; so much so that when her “fashion moment” comes along, clients with unblinking dedication to desire something of their own choosing, will have access to a designer who can shift gears at the ripe moment and procure a creation they can positively covet.

Everyone should feel comfortable and confident about their personal sense of style, will be the evolution in her signature, as she demands diversity from her collection. Sheaffa LLC has already broke ground in the world of fashion and clients are undoubtedly clamoring to slip into her designs. Her greatest form of flattery is to body sculpt her designs across all genres and let the clothes do the talking.